Salted Bikes


Right from the beginning, we knew exactly what we wanted Salted Bikes to be like. We knew that we wanted them to ride like mountainbikes. Not buses.

So with more than 10 years of experiance riding fatbikes, we deliberately designed bikes that we wanted to ride. We designed them for the kinds of conditions that we reguarly ride in.

We wanted bikes that would rail singletrack and trails as well as perform on the beach and yes... even the snow.

To us, a bike should be a device to take you further. To let you experiance more and to discover more about yourself.

"When you're out on the trail, every day is Friday"

We've been at the forefront of the FATbike movement in Australia from Day One.

We imported the very first FATbike into the country back in 2005 (the original Pugsley) and since then, we've ridden and sold more FATbikes in Australia than all the others combined.

Salted Bikes is an Australian owned and designed brand from the crew at Dirt Works Australia.  With over 26 years in the industry we feel that we've learnt a thing or two about bicycles.  Wayne & Richard are our Salted Bikes brains trust.

So why create a brand from scratch? why not just import someone elses brand. Surely that's easier?

The answer is simple: we've spent years helping mega-sized companies, based overseas, promote and market their bikes in Australia.  We just felt that it was time that an Australian-owned-and-designed brand took centre stage. We're putting all our experiance and knowledge about the FATbike scene into our designs.

Salted Bikes Rear Axle for Popcorn

Salted Bikes Rear Axle for Popcorn

$89.95 Inc. GST

Salted Bikes Rear Axle for Rock Candy

Salted Bikes Rear Axle for Rock Candy

$89.95 Inc. GST


Salted Frame ONLY Rock Candy 110mm Travel Medium Purple

Salted Frame ONLY Rock Candy 110mm Travel Medium P

$1,819.18 Inc. GST $3,299.00